Wednesday – Feb. 18 – R&R & Winery Visit


Weather Report – It seems that throughout the USA, Canada and Israel, all are focused on the winter weather.  Although we had many beautiful days with sun and warm temperatures, we are now experiencing winter warnings with snow expected in Jerusalem!  OY!  This morning, here at the Dead Sea, we had morning clouds, followed by sun, rain sprinkles when we went to the Winery and ending the day with a beautiful rainbow!

Some of us began the day with a walk before breakfast, had spa treatments or just relaxed until this afternoon.  We drove up the mountain to the development town of Arad and to a small winery called Yatir.  This is a small, boutique, high quality winery which was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between the grape-growers of the area and Carmel Winery. The winery was built at the foot of the famous Tel Arad archaeological site, on a hill 600 meters above sea level on the outskirts of Yatir Forest, a JNF forest and the largest hand planted forest in the world! Yatir’s wine has received top accolades from critics such as Robert Parker.  It is the first Israeli wine to be listed in the main selection of  Selfridges in London.

Eti, the marketing manager, is quite proud of the winery, its wine and the quality of its wines.  Of course, the highlight of the tour was the sampling of the quality wines!  
Off to Masada tomorrow and on to Jerusalem.  Let’s hope that the snow holds off!  
Wishing you a good day!
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