Feb 17 – Hike Ein Gedi Springs & R&R

Here we are overlooking the beautiful, blue, calm Dead Sea – the sun is shining and temperatures are warm.  We know that the weather will be drastically changing in the next few days – another cold and wet forecast for the rest of the week.  So – today we are taking in the sunshine.
Many of us got up early and took a morning walk along the beach and even did some exercises at the ‘adult playground’ on the beach.
The breakfast menu is a little different here than the City – more delicious coffee cakes, yummy dark rye bread, lots of salads and other fresh vegetables and waffles – similar to those in American hotels. Guess you would say the menu is a mix of Israel, Russian and American items.  There are many Russian Israelis here – and yes they were in the Dead Sea early in the morning – a little ‘chilly’ for our CAARI group!
After breakfast we left for our hike at the Ein Gedi Springs.  This spectacular Nature Reserve, has two year-round streams, the David Stream (named after King David)  to the north and the Arugot Stream to the south. Neil began our hike with a geological explanation and with a discussion about the 6 references in the |Bible to Ein Gedi.  He read the portion about King David and Saul in the Book of Samuel where King goes into a cave and David cuts of the corner of his robe.  
And then, we began our journey!  The reserve offers a number of trails, from easy ones to those for experienced hikers. We took the lower David Stream (described in books as easy). The trail passes waterfalls and pools, and leads up to the beautiful David Waterfall. Along the way are trees typical to the reserve, among them acacias, Christ-thorn and Egyptian balsam.

Although the trail is described as easy – guess for the younger more experienced hiker- but never-the-less, it was still challange as we walked up and down many stone steps of uneven heights – some railings, crossed water area and climber up and down the hilly paths.  The views were spectacular with the Dead Sea in view as you looked to the East and majestic mountains as you looked up to the West. Enjoy the many pictures of CAARI. It took us a little over an hour to do the hike.  As you can see in the pictures – there is always time for ice cream!
Back at the spa, some took advantage of the many spa treatments and a ‘float’ in the hotel’s salt-water pool!  We are already feeling more relaxed!
Wishing you all well!

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