Touring Latrun & GAHAL exhibition at Palmach Museum – experts by Pearl, Montreal

Hmmmmmm, another rainy and chilly forest dayscheduled.  Not great to be working in mud so Susan and Neil made other plans for us – touring Latrun, the Armored Corp Museum located near Bet Shemesh on the ‘road’ to Jerusalem.  

by Pearl: “We went to Latrun, the the Israeli Armored Corps Memorial. Latrun was a British base in the Ayalon Valley, which Israel tried and didn’t succeed in capturing 5 times during the War of Independence. Our guide, Neil, told us that two Canadian volunteers stole an an armored truck from the British and helped to establish the corps. However, the young female soldier corrected him and said they were Irish because Canadians are too polite. 

There are many tanks of different eras on display including the Merkava, which is built in Israel of a secret alloy. By the way, the original name of the area was La Tour des Chevaliers. There is a memorial wall on which are the names of all who perished in the armored corps.”

The Tel Aviv portion of the CAARI Program is coming to an end.  Simply Marvelous!  What we have seen, accomplished and heard over the past four weeks has been a VERY memorable and rewarding experience – from the volunteering to hearing from excellent & diverse speakers to visiting so many different sites, that most tours don’t experience.  CAARI does it all!

by Marilyn and Frances:“This is a story of Holocaust survivors who fought in the war of Israel‘s Independence in 1948:so tough coming from DP camps, can’t speak the same language , escaping on illegal ships, put in DP camps in Cyprus: so sad 50 per cent of fighters were survivors traumatized by loss and deprivation.

We owe so much to them.Together  Sabras and Holocaust survivors they fought together in 1948.
Israel is a country of challenges. They overcame so much to establish the State of Israel. This trip is so worthwhile.. the diversity of the people who fought for Israel to be victorious is amazing..but they came together for Israel. Difficult battles , many wounded,severely wounded could not be evacuated,despite lack of training .. language problems..some speak German, Polish, Yiddush, Arabic. So many challenges.. to make the Holocaust survivors fit into Sabra army. This experience makes our life seem trite. We were all deeply moved by this exhibit, movie, discussion.

Tonight  the Prima Hotel staff thanked us for staying the four weeks in the City Hotel.  The staff were great and we certainly appreciate them.   

 Aaron Greenean archaeologist who ‘dig’s’ in Timna Park near Eilat spoke to us.  It was an great introduction to what we will be seeing when we tour Timna.  Looking forward to seeing this Park and the geological formations, copper mines from Egyptian times and now we learn from Adam, that it might be from before.  Always something NEW or OLD in this country!  

Time to think about packing and getting ready for our trip to Eilat and Jerusalem.  
Shabbat Shalom! 

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