‘Ben Gurion Epilogue’ – A CAARI Evening Event

Over the past summer and spring some of us in USA and Canada attended film festivals in which we saw the ‘Ben Gurion Epilogue’.  Here in CAARI we had as a speaker, Yariv Moser, the producer of the film.  What a story he told us about how they had footage of a interview with Ben Gurion, but not the sound and how the project was put together.  He was terrific.  After the discussion, we saw the documentary and then he took questions.  As Fern says: “How do you top this”? 

If you haven’t seen the film, do so! 

from Wikipedia

Yariv Mozer’s documentary features excerpts from a previously unseen interview with Israel’s founder.

“Ben-Gurion: Epilogue, about the legendary founder of Israel, is not so much a documentary as an invaluable historical document. Featuring footage from a six-hour interview with David Ben-Gurion that has never been seen before, Yariv Moser’s film is essential viewing for anyone interested in Israeli history. Currently receiving its U.S. theatrical premiere at NYC’s Film Forum, where it is sharing a screen with the thematically complementary documentary The Settlers, the film should have an extended life in ancillary markets.

The interview with the 82-year-old former Israeli leader was held at his remote, isolated home in the Negev Desert in 1968, five years after he had resigned from the government. It was done as research for a feature film about Ben-Gurion which was released in 1970 but quickly faded into obscurity. The black-and-white footage, discovered at the Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive in Jerusalem, was missing the soundtrack, and the audio portion was subsequently retrieved from the Ben-Gurion Archives in Negev. They have been put together here for the first time.”

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