Week in Review

By Joan and Bernie Hulkower
Week in review – Feb. 3 – 9
Another wonderful week!!
Starting out with our community work, where we’ve become regular participants. When we arrive to our various work assignments (hospitals, schools for a community organization) we are treated as if we have always been there.
The afternoon and evening that we spent with Meir Malka, the original guiding force of CAARI and now the Director of Beit Shemesh Fund, was a most interesting and informative. Meir took us to the center where nursery school children up to teens come to for after school activities and a hot supper in order that their parents can work and support their families. We also visited a sculpture garden donated by the parents of a soldier killed in the Golan. The highlight of the our visit was the Beti Shemesh conservatory, where we were treated to a wonderful concert by 9, 11, 14 & 15 year old students, playing the violin, flute and piano. What talent! The evening was topped off in a Kosher Chinese restaurant.
Another first was our day pruning and clearing olive trees on biblical terraces and a JNF forest called Sataf. What a great job we did pruning, cutting, clearing weeds to help the trees from having their energy taken up by weeds. This was followed by a visit to the Babylonian Museum where we learned about the Iraqi culture and aliyah to Israel.
On another day we visited the Negev community of Sansana where young Israeli families are building homes to settle the Negev in much the same way that their pioneer forefathers did in pre-statehood time. That day we also had a wonderful tour of the Air Force Museum, near Beersheva. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and many of us were delighted to be able to walk around, unlike a previous visit – in a Negev sandstorm. It was really walking through history as we walked around the display of all the old planes used to fight and protect the State of Israel. We were not only amazed, but proud at the success that the Israelis had in winning wars with such equipment.
We have had many wonderful speakers who have given us much insight into the political situation, the Palestinian conflict, the Winograd Report, plus situation in Gaza with Hamas. We also enjoyed a special talk by the son of a CAARI participant, an American – Israeli soldier, who was in the Second Lebanon War – a visit to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. And ….of course, we are always treated to great knowledge and information by Neil, our guide.
There is so much more to say -…but you have to be here. Enjoy the pictures of the week.
Joan and Bernie

The Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel, CAARI, offers active seniors a unique opportunity to experience Israel. The program is designed to explore the biblical landscapes, follow the footsteps of the early pioneers, and envision the future of our Homeland. The CAARI Program includes community service, toursa speakers forum and the camaraderie of the CAARI Family. The Program is designed for to feel, touch, hear and see Israel from the mountains to the desert, from sea to sea, and from ancient to modern.

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