Negev Day

“Our day in the Negev” by Marcia and Ron Bercov – Edmonton, Canada

Dear Family and Friends,

Shalom, from Tel Aviv. Ron and I wanted to share with you our experience with CAARI’s day in the Negev. First stop – Haruvit (Carob) Park, has been designed as a park for those that are physically challenged – known as an “inclusive” Park. JNF has been renovating many of its parks and forest area for all to enjoy – whether you are blind, in a wheel chair or have some other physical challenge. Hadassah dedicated this park several years ago to soldiers.
Carob trees, fill the park area – you may know this fruit as ‘boxer”. The park has paths especially designed for the physically challenged.
From the Park we continued driving south through the Negev. The Negev comprises 60%
of the land of Israel, with a relatively small but growing population. Only in recent years has it become an area for development when the problem of supplying water was solved. Our group toured a new community called Sansana, settled by young families who are in the process of building new homes to replace the trailers they started out with.
The Jewish National Fund’s Blueprint Negev project plans to develop this area, bringing people and facilities to the desert area. With rail transportation, people can work in Tel Aviv and live
in Beersheva, in the heart of the Negev, making the trip in an hour, not much different from some city commutes.
What more, you ask? Well, with 12 minutes left at this computer, only the Air Force Museum and a Yemenite dinner! We saw bombs, missiles and planes, each with its own special story, and watched a film about the Israeli Air Force while seated (in economy class) in a huge plane.
And as for the dinner, it was authentic and delicious, homecooked, with flat bread just out of the oven.
So, this is all for the moment. But stay tuned for
Hoping this finds you well.
Shalom and best wishes,
Marcia and Ron

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