Tel Aviv Tours – Feb. 10 – 11 – contributed by Rosalie Whitehill

Wow – can’t believe that our time in Tel Aviv is coming to an end. Where does the time go?

The past days we have had visited some special places. The first was Utopia Park, located in Kibbutz Bahan, outside of Netanya. We had a terrific guide show us through a rain forest environment, which included fish, birds and other animals. She described the amazing world of orchids…..7,000 varieties? All of us were busy with our cameras taking pictures of the breathtaking orchids, so many different colors, the animals and each other. And, of course – always time for ice cream and coffee.

Thursday was our rainy day – and rain it did – even flooded many of the streets! In the afternoon, after community service, we visited the Rabin Center. I had been there two years ago, when it was a shell of fantastic architecture by Moshe Safde….and we learned that they planned a museum, library and auditorium. Well, yesterday…we visited the completed museum….we were there about 3 hours….and at the pace we went, it would take 3 or 4 more visits to see and listen to ALL of the museum…..called the Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center. The purpose of the museum to explain what was happpening in Israel during the lifetime of Rabin and Rabin’s life. Israeli technology is awesome – as we all wore headsets around our necks with earphones. – the headsets were activated by standing in front of one of the many….maybe over 100 TV monitors…to pick up the explanation of what was showing on the screen. Our wonderful guide could interrupt the recording at any time to get the group together. Since for most of the people, the time frames were familiar to us, it was truly an emotional experience…..filled with many historical facts that were new to many of us. I really loved the time we spent there….and it tied together so much of what we have seen and done in Tel Aviv……. can’t wait to go again…..

Last night’s speaker, Simi Shine, from the Office of Strategic Planning. She was a wonderful speaker. She talked about the situation in Egypt, as well as Israel’s relationships with other Arab neighbors. She was very forthright in answering questions.

During the night we had heavy rains, but today (Friday) it is warm and sunny – good day to go to the crafts fair and enjoy Tel Aviv!
Wishing all of you a Shabbat Shalom.
CAARI 2011and Rosilie

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