Our Trip to the Galilee by Anice Stark (Toronto, Canada)

Dear Friends and Family,

Our trip up to the Galilee and Golan was one of nature and colour – the most colourful in all the years we have been travelling there. The profusion of flowers, the shades of the green fields were a feast to our eyes.
As we walked up the trail to see the Gilboa Iris we saw a sea of reds, blues, yellows, white garlic, large flowering fennel bulbs – I can’t remember all the flower names – but just magnificent waist high growth. We saw only a few of the Irises as there weren’t as many this year due to the lack of rain.
One of days, we walked the Bible Trail (a Canadian JNF Project) which overlooks the Jezreel Valley. While standing on the top of the hillside, looking down into the valley, we viewed all the planted crops – very geometrical in their shapes, everything in some state of growth, and many flowering trees. Even the scent came up to the hill where we were standing. All our senses were working and so were are emotions.
Other days included a hike at the Dan Nature Reserve, a visit to the mystical city of Safed which also included a trip to the newly built, Blue Valley Canadian JNF project on the outskirts of the city. We met the Director of the Canada Center in Metulla who took us on a tour of this amazing sports facility and some of us did a little bowling. Ok – we are are not ready for the Olympics! We went to Agmon Hula (another JNF Project) to witness the beginning of the spring bird migration – with the storks, pelicans, cranes and over 100 varieties of birds.
We concluded our trip on Friday (in the middle of pouring rain) with a chocolate experience at a candy factory in Degania and a visit to Zippori. We didn’t even get wet! But we know this water is badly needed and will help continue to ‘green the Galilee’.
Back in Tel Aviv for Shabbat and the Purim festivities and our departure Sunday evening. Oh where did the time go? Another wonderful CAARI experience!
Who are those masked people – could that be Susan and Neil getting ready for Purim?
Shalom and Hag Samach,
Anice Stark

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