Monday, Feb. 2 – Shuni & visit to Druse Village

 Had great weekend – the weather helped.  Wonderful to visit shuk, take in concerts, attend synagogue, enjoy time with family and friends and some of us watched tennis.  One of the benefits of the CAARI Program it  lets us have time to do things on our own.  Sunday is a regular workday here in Israel and that means for us – community service.

Excerpts from  Rosalie’s Report

…..Sunday (Feb 1)  was back to school and since the regular teacher wasn’t there,we spent our time with the kindergarten kids…..and loved it….played games with them….they sang for us, and we danced with them….and one little girl even drew a picture of herself and me! It was different but very enjoyable!  Took a long nap in the afternoon. after watching most of the men’s finals….so I could get up at 1 a.m. and stay up for the Pats win.
Add Group at Shuni
Today, Monday Feb 2,  was one of those days that kinda makes me ask… do our leaders keep finding these wonderful places for us to visit?
enjoying delicious Druse lunch
We went to the Shuni Archeology and Historical Site in Benyamini..north of Tel Aviv….and were treated to an outstanding tour by Eli Shenhav, the man who had been in charge of the excavation at the Healing and Recreation Center…..and had uncovered the theater, swimming pool with mosaic floor…..and the many beautiful artifacts on display in the small museum…..he was great and the place was a real gem.  We also viewed a video on the sculptor Shoshany Achiam……and went through a garden filled with his fine work….
Lunch was at the home of a family in a Druse Village on Mt. Carmel near Haifa…..about 8 different dishes served family style…..most of which were new to us……followed by a talk about the Druse people, their customs and their lives in Israel….all of which were excellent!!!  Just another superb day in Eretz Yisroel……
Hope you stay warm and safe through the storm that hit last night…..and be well….
lots of love,


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