Jerusalem Day – Monday, February 24

Monday we spent in the center of modern Jerusalem.  Our first stop was “Yad Lakashish” an Shivtei Yisrael Street.  This is a non-profit organization designed to empower over 300 Jerusalem elderly providing them with sense of purpose and self-worth through creative opportunities and a sense of community.  For more than 5 decades this organization has provided creative and creative work for the elderly.  They take pride in what they are doing whether it be making greeting cards, jewelry, needlework or metal art. Their work is sold to the public at the gift shop.  CAARI had the opportunity to tour the workshops and meet the people and THEN shop!  See their website for more information:

Zvi, our guide for the day, then took us across the street to the ‘Museum of the ‘Underground Prisoners’ which was built as a Russian Woman Pilgrim Hostel in mid 19th Century.  During the Mandate Period, the British transformed the building into the Central prison.  Hundreds of Jewish underground fighters were imprisoned here.  It was a very moving visit as we learned about their lives and how they fought for the establishment of the State of Israel.

Off to lunch – walking through the streets of Jerusalem, City Hall to Mamila Mall!  Following lunch we walked to Jaffa Gate to the David Citadel Museum for a spectacular view of the City (several flights up!)and tour of the museum, which describes in various exhibits, the history of Jerusalem!
We concluded the day with a talk by Gadi who discussed Jerusalem after 1967 – giving us incite into today’s issues and challenges.  That was our Jerusalem Day!


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