Greet & Meet in Tel Aviv – Jan. 19 and 21

Dear Family and Friends,
The CAARI Program officially opened the community service portion of the program in Tel Aviv tonight! The group that had been touring in Eilat and southern Israel were warmly greeted by those that arrived from the States and Canada and the City Hotel Staff. “It is so wonderful to see freinds from the previous years and to see so many new faces, said Rosalie Whitehill (New York). I arrived early and was so surprised to see Sid and Nancy Golden (Toronto), Diane Abrams and Gloria Kaufman (New York) for breakfast – it was like I saw them yesterday. This is what is so wonderful about CAARI!”
The next morning a “Train the Tutor” workshop was presented by former CAARI participants to give ideas and techniques to new participants. Lots of great ideas were exchanged making all feel a little more comfortable about the upcoming community service work. CAARI will be working in 10 elementary schools throughout Tel Aviv, mostly in low socio-economic neighborhoods – and two local rehab centers.
CAARI participants enjoyed the sunny weather to get familiar with Tel Aviv – shopping at the shuk, visting with family and friends and there is always a “cafe afuk” at a local outdoor cafe!
“Blogged “by Rosalie Whitehill – Friday evening, many in the group went to the Orthodox synagogue nearby where last year, we thought the rabbi’s singing and dancing really made the Kaballat Service come alive with joy……well, the congregation size has more than tripled…..and I could hardly believe when the rabbi addressed our coordinator( female) to ask about our group and then welcomed us…..we were a larger contingent of women than men. And, of course, we had a fun oneg….after our shabbat dinner. Saturday, I went dancing on the tayelet (boardwalk) and was so pleased to know just about every dance for the first hour……mostly oldies…..good for me…as I am an oldie.”
Others joined Rosalie at the Folk Dancing and were amazed as they watched the dancers and listened to the rhymethic music. See the pictures for the weekend!
Wishing all our friends and family a Shabbat Shalom from CAARI.

The Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel, CAARI, offers active seniors a unique opportunity to experience Israel. The program is designed to explore the biblical landscapes, follow the footsteps of the early pioneers, and envision the future of our Homeland. The CAARI Program includes community service, toursa speakers forum and the camaraderie of the CAARI Family. The Program is designed for to feel, touch, hear and see Israel from the mountains to the desert, from sea to sea, and from ancient to modern.

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