Feb 9 – Part 2 – Negev Day – Besor Region and Visit to Sderot – JNF Playground

Continued… Negev Day!
Time for lunch which we ate at Kibbutz Gvulot and then on to the Besor Region.  Here JNF build a series of reservoirs for the area farmers who are now growing much of the citrus that used to grow in the center of the country.  Amazing what now grows in the desert.  The water supplied for these very large reservoirs is treated sewage water and water from the flooded Besor River.  The Regional JNF representative met us at the lookout point and explained what we were seeing and also talked about the impact of living in this area during the past summer.

by Rosalie Whitehill

“…We ate lunch at a Kibbutz Gvulot…..and after visiting the Besor River reservoir sites, we were treated to a great tour of the We ate lunch at a Kibbbutz Gvulot…..and after visiting the Besor River reservoir sites, we were treated to a great tour of the S’derot indoor playground, built by JNF of the U.S., ….It includes, among many play areas 4 safe rooms, an indoor soccer court, a computer room, a  climbing wall and a charming, colorful safe room where young kids can have birthday parties….(something people are afraid to do in their homes, with small safe rooms).  The safe room for teenagers can show films, videos and even has the rotating sparkle balls on the ceiling so the room can be turned into a disco.  The people who run the program there are obviously so dedicated to the young people they serve….and I always get a lump in my throat at this very special place……….Before we headed back to Tel Aviv, we stopped at an overlook where we could see the city of Gaza….about 40 km from S’derot…and from whence had come most of the rockets rained down on the city.  Our guide said it would be a few years before Hamas could rebuild its strength and send rockets again…..another lump in the throat!!
One of the best parts of the trip for me was to see from our bus as we traveled, how green the land was……as far as the eye could see…..and I remember when everything south of Tel Aviv was brownish desert.  Israel is a miracle!!! “
Enjoy the pictures!  

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