Eretz Museum – January 31

Today, after another delightful day at school in the a.m., we spent the afternoon at the Eretz Yisroel Museum….the one built around the tel (dig) that Ralph and I saw in 51… is made up of many pavillions and full of lots to see……our group spent most of our time seeing an exhibit of Biblical paintings……but the real fascinating part was the exhibit on the Herzliya Gymnasia……the first school where everything was in Hebrew…..while there, we started speaking with a gentleman who told us the school was torn down…one month after he was graduated…….and he got very emotional and started to cry…..a very touching moment…..and then. to my delight there were some drawings of the school made by Nahum Gutman (yes, that is his name…..not Natan, as one of my recipients pointed out to me) who had gone to the school.  All in all, it was a fine day, as we wended our way through the raindrops which stopped and started all day.  
Tomorrow is a free day, but again rain is scheduled.  Looking forward to Shabbat and perhaps some dancing.  

Wishing all of you a Shabbat Shalom. 

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