CAARI Visits Town of Mitzpeh Ramon

Written and photographed by Nahum Eisenstadt

Our fourth day of touring included a stop to meet the town council members of Mitzpeh Ramon, founded in the 1950’s as a development town in the Negev. CAARI met a number of important figures in the devlopment of the town today. To begin with Joshua Schmidt a Phd in Anthropology who serves in the Town of Mitzpeh Ramon’s, Department of External Relations, gave a brief history and overview of the development of the town from the first immigrants deported from North African countries as a result of the War of Independence through present day situation. We also heard from the head of the Education Department in the Town of Mitzpeh Ramon, Aryeh Broideh, about the two high schools and two Elementary schools that serve the more than 1200 school children in the town of Mitzpeh Ramom. He says that the problem is not money but getting good teachers to come to Mitzpeh Ramon and live there. He also emphasized the great contribution that KKL-JNF has made to the town through the years. Today the town is aproximately 5200 people and is planning on reaching 15,000. This picture shows the CAARI participants listening to the briefing by Joshua and Aryeh in the municipality meeting room adjacent to the Mayor’s office.

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