Visit to Ancient Ports – Caesarea and Dor by Marcia


We boarded a bus for a day tour to Caesarea, a city built by Herod. We learned that this eastern coast of the Mediterranean was lacking in natural ports, so Herod built the port as well, an incredible feat of engineering especially considering the technology of the times. The city served as an administrative capital for Rome for many years.
Then we visited Dor Beach and Museum, located in an area rich with artifacts from sunken ships.
Our guide, Kurt Raveh, expert in Underwater Archaeology, had previously come to Tel Aviv to talk about this fascinating subject, and now our group had the opportunity to see firsthand what he told us about. He explained how shifting sands protected sunken ships and their contents by providing an airtight seal. Divers discovered clay pots, ancient glass and other items buried with the ships. One wall of the museum held anchors, from the earliest primitive chisled stone with a hole through the top, to those used 100 or more years ago, showing the change in shape and materials.
Afterward some of our group walked along a beach covered with shells and climbed a hill to Tel Dor, where ancient cities have yet to be dug. By this time, the sunny, warm days earlier during the week had given way to winter storms with rain and very strong winds, making the climb a real challenge. The sea, whipped by the winds, made huge waves which crashed onto the shore. Our brave climbing party walked against the wind down the hill and felt very happy to get back to the warm bus! We did stop for dinner at the wonderful Port Cafe with view of the crashing sea.
All for now. Sending best wishes from Israel.
Shabbat Shalom.
Marcia and Ron

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