Thusday – Feb 6 by Rosalie Whitehill

Rosalie with Elaine, Diane, Susan, Marion and Gloria
Weather was a bit cooler today, low 60’s….but sunny!

Thursday at school, the kids were better than ever….enjoying my story of the Dog Center, telling me about their class trip and upcoming test…and again, the music that ends our periods always comes too soon!!

After lunch, we visited the Holon Design Museum, not far from Tel Aviv….the exhibit was on the history and design of bicycles…including a large collection of very special up=to=date bikes.  Have to say it is not one of my favorite topics, but I did catch some small videos about the architecture of the museum which were terrific.  The museum’s design is really special and it is worth the trip to see it.

Later, dinner at a restaurant, at the edge of the New Tel Aviv Port, was probably one of the best we’ve had….and served very elegantly, too!!

So, all in all, it was a good day!!  And for me, any day in Israel is marvelous….I just breathe in the wonderful air, see the beautiful sunsets over the Mediterranean….and appreciate my good fortune in being here.

Hoping all is going well for all of you!  Stay warm and take good care of yourselves…’s hard for me to believe I will be going home in only a week….the time seems to have flown by!

With love and hugs,


Arriving at Holon Design Museum
Design by Ron Arad

Design by Gloria and Mark!
Listening to guide describing architecture of building
another view
bride and groom arrived at Museum for wedding pictures

group walking through grounds

Joyce at exhibit

Cynthia not sure of this bicycle seat

Diane and group walking through exhibit

great balance by Ellie

CAARI views exhibit

Ron with guide

enjoying the comfort of the design seating

sunset view at port for dinner
Mike enjoys the lamb stew and the special presenstation

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