“The Pioneer Spirit” by Mel and Sandy Wasserman

CAARI continues its journey through Israel and enjoying the rich experience. Last night we were treated to an extrordinary dance and song performance! It was lively. colorful and a real slice of Israel! Thank you all who organized this wonderful event!

CAARI’s Visit to Zichron Ya’acov
by Sandy and Mel Wasserman
“What’s in a name… MORE about yesterday at Zichron Ya’akov” “Isn’t it amazing what one person can do! Or rather, one family. Of course financial support has to be there, both initially and for follow up, but the dream and the inspiration and the task commitment is essential. The drive, the determination. That’s the story of Zichron Ya’akov, the city we visited on Thursday. Baron Edmund de Rothschild had that dream, the finances and the commitment. The town, resting on a hill, is amazing. Picturesque, quaint… a mixture of the old and the new. Rough hewn cobblestone streets, with restaurants and small boutique stores. Views from the hill are of lush vegetation. And sitting among them, old houses with rich histories, telling the story of Israel’s founding, and all within two intersecting streets.
One house, the Ahaaronson Family house, with separate small buidlings. So much history here. The story of Sara Ahaaronson – both a love story and a story of commitment to a cause, determination, and gumption. Bravery and courage.
….and, best for last – our visit to Ramat HaNadiv, The Rothschild Compound! The enormous grounds in which the crypt where members of this remarkable family are buried. Lush gardens – a fragrance garden labeled even in Braille, a palm garden, a rose garden. Landscaping. The bones of the Rothschilds were returned to Israel for burial in 1954, twenty years after the Baron died. The gates at the compound entrance bears the Rothschild coat of arms/family shield.
Lunch at a cafe on one of the two streets that make up the town of about 12,000, Zichron Ya’akov. Then a short walking tour of the part of the town, the old synagogue, the building that housed the administration of the Rothschild operations in Israel, now a museum(The building and museum of the first Aliyah), financed by the Arisohn family. The family founded Carnival Cruise line and Bank Hapoalim.
But of course we visited a winery, the Carmel Winery… and tasted wines, and visited the oak barrels in the basement and learned about the history of wines in Israel and Carmel wines. And had a tasty dairy dinner in the Carmel Winery Bistro. ” CAARI is now ready to relax and enjoy their Shabbat weekend! Shabbat Shalom to all!

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