Our Jaffa Adventure – Jan. 20 by Joan Hulkower


Every day has been an adventure and it is only day 2 in Tel Aviv. We started our community service work this week. Everyone comes back at noon very enthusiastic about their students. I am back at the Rehab Hosptial. Many of last year’s staff greeted me like an old friend. The patients are all new, but we quickly learn who wants coffee or tea. My day starts serving breakfast to about 35 people in the Rehab dining room. When we are finished with breakfast, I change the linen on the beds and do odd jobs till we leave, around noon.

Lunch on community service days has been a special treat! Tablecloths and a served meal rather than a buffet!

This afternoon, we went to the American Colony in Jaffa, where we saw the houses that were built in 1865 by American families, from Maine, who came here on a 3 masted ship filled with wood for building the homes, farm equipment and even a piano. Although 5 out of the 22 homes are left, we visited one of the homes which is now owned by a couple who has ties to one of the original families. The people who came in 1865 only stayed 2 years due to the harsh existence and returned to Maine, but their rich history remains. Last night we saw a documentary about the American Colony in Jaffa made by Yael Katzir and were fascinated to be walking on one of those streets.

What a CAARI experience Bernie and I are having. We have only been in Tel Aviv 2 days and we have toured sites Tel Aviv, visited the wonderful Palmach Museum and heard about the issues in Iran by Bar Ilan University’s Professor, Mordechai Kedar. They are really keeping us busy – we need time to do our laundry!

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