Monday, Jan. 23 – “Our Day” by Rosalie Whitehill


It’s Monday night here….and everything just seems to get better each year! We started going to our schools yesterday….and it was another new experience for me…I am working with 3rd graders this year (before I had groups of 4th, 5th and 6th graders, who were in at least their second year of learning English)…and understand VERY little English…..but they are anxious to learn…..and the little bit of Hebrew that I know helps. Today was our second day at school and the warmth of the youngsters smiles just add to my joy in being with them IN ISRAEL!!! This afternoon our group went to the Rabin Center ….my 3rd visit….and the best so far. I had been there before it was completed and open to the public, and we had more time this year than last…..and without seeing every item of interest, almost 3 hours flew by!!!! Tonite, after dinner, we had a folk dancing session at the hotel, with the same woman who runs the Saturday sessions on the boardwalk….fun, fun fun! Love you all…..and leilah tov! Rosalie PS – Also forgot to mention yesterday how truly awesome the Rabin Center is…..the museums here are the most creative and technologically advanced I have ever visited……and the results of Israeli planning are mind-boggling…..walking along the telling of Rabin’s life concurrent with the life of Israel was fascinating……nothing I am capable of writing could do it justice…..and I think that may be the case with many of the places here in Eretz Yisroel

Dancing with the CAARI Stars!

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