Memorials – from ashes to redemption – February 26

Today is our  last day of CAARI 2014 and to our surprise we began the day with chilly temperatures and  rain – yes rain…something we have not seen during the CAARI program this year.  It was the first time we had to use our umbrellas – but for only a short time as the sun did come out.  Our first stop was the beautiful memorial and forest, known as Yad Kennedy. This Memorial is dedicated to John F. Kennedy.  As the past year was the 50th anniversary of assassination, it seemed an appropriate time to visit this unusual site.  We were met by Andy Michaelson, from JNF Israel (KKL World Head Quarters) who eloquently explained the memorial, the meaning and more important, how it is used by Israeli school children’s learning experience.  In fact, while we were there, two buses of children visited.  Inside the Memorial, each of us read a quote by President Kennedy, many so appropriate for today.  The forest area has many paths for hiking and bike riding and frequented by many.

Our next stop was a visit to Mount Herzl, Israel’s National Cemetery, to remember those who had the vision and dedicated themselves to building of the State of Israel.  We concluded the day with a visit to Yad Vashem.  Many of the group had not been to the renovated Museum.  This Museum is the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust as it safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations.  As we solemnly walked through the exhibits we thought about those that have passed and those that have built this country those that continue make it a strong and viable nation.  That is the real testament to Yad Vashem – the strength and worth of Israel and its people!  

The Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel, CAARI, offers active seniors a unique opportunity to experience Israel. The program is designed to explore the biblical landscapes, follow the footsteps of the early pioneers, and envision the future of our Homeland. The CAARI Program includes community service, toursa speakers forum and the camaraderie of the CAARI Family. The Program is designed for to feel, touch, hear and see Israel from the mountains to the desert, from sea to sea, and from ancient to modern.

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