January 22 (Rabin Center – ‘Life in Stills’ Documentary – by Rosalie Whitehill

Rosalie with Tamar Tal

Wednesday, started with more wonderful morning school sessions., and afterwards, the group visited the Rabin Center……a superb museum and educational center….located at the southern end of Tel Aviv University…..where the exhibitsinclude over a hundred videos….which you see if you just stand with your headset in front of the screen…..nothing to turn on or off……and tells the story of Rabin’s life….chronologically, along with what was happening in Israel at the time and what was happening in the world at that time (laid out chronologically on the floor)……starts with his assassination and ends with the funeral…..an incredible presentation, and this year we had the best guide ever (I had been here twice before…….and each visit I learn something new and enjoy the place.
Last night was really SPECIAL…..Our speaker was Tamar Tal a documentary film maker and she brought the film she did that won prizes to show to our group…….Life in Stills……which I saw 2 years ago at the Boston Jewish Film Festival…..and loved as much seeing it again…..She is a fairly young woman with a 7 month old baby and we had a terrific Q and A time with her and found out much more about the subjects of the film….a young man and his feisty grandmother…..and when I finish this tome, I am heading out to find the young man as his temporary photo shop is on the way to and from school for me!
So, that’s more than enough for now……I wish you all well…

Much love,


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