January 15- 17

“My Travels” by Rosalie Whitehill
Dear All,
Well, Thursday here was another great day – sensational weather – warm, sunny and a fine walk to and from school for me. In the afternoon we visited the Yemenite Heritage Experience Museum in Rosh Ha’yin, near Tel Aviv. It was the place where the Yemenite Jews were first taken when they arrived as part of the ‘Magic Carpet Operation’ in 1948-1950. It was an immigration center, and the Yemenites were then supposed to leave and become part of the Israeli population throughout the country. However, some of you may remember as I do, that the Yemenites had a difficult times – many Ashkenazi Jews discriminated against them, and so did the Arabs. Many returned to Rosh Ha’yin which became pretty much a Yemenite community.

We had another marvelous guide through the history of the community in a building that was built by the British and later became a school. We learned about their customs and traditions. Some of us were dressed in typical Yemenite wedding garb for some good photo ops. I keep having new, fascinating, and wonderful experiences here.
Friday afaternoon, I met one of my former students at the Pizza place. I also saw several kids – one little girl with her father who knew of Long Island. – he had been to Syosset!!! My young ‘boyfriend’ from last year came and was all smiles and hugs. He showed me where on the sidewalk they were selling puppies…..and the little park where there was a small band playing Beatle music, and then walked with me almost as far as back to my hotel. His English is a bit better than last year. I gave him my cell phone number, and later last nite, his mom called and invited me over for Saturday night.
Friday night, I went to services, had Shabbat dinner with the group, attended the Oneg for a while and then left for a Chava Silberstein concert at 10 p.m. at the Tel Aviv Museum theater. That was a real treat – she is a performer who seems to hold the audience in the palm of her hands. She sang one song in English, 3 in Yiddish and the rest in Hebrew.
Saturday, I folk danced on the Tayelet…..the weather was overcast, walked with another friend to the Rubin Museum – .Rubin, the Tel Aviv artist’s home.
Guess you can tell, I am having a wonderful and exciting time!!!
Love to all,

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