Jan 15 – Friday by Burt – (Part 1 – Bible Lands Trail)


Day 5 – Fri, 15 Jan 2016: Today, we started with a short bus tour of Tiberias, after which we drove to the Jezreel Valley, along the western shore of the Kinneret and then south along the west bank of the Jordan River. Along the way we passed Moshav Gesher , numerous green fields with their winter crops, sections of the old Haifa-Aman railroad bed and its old railroad stations, sections of the new Haifa-Aman railroad (scheduled for completion next
year) and its new railroad stations.
Mount Gilboa rises about 2,000 ft. above the Jezreel Valley. To the east, one could see into Jordan
Some 3,000 years ago, the Israelites were defeated by the Philistines on Mount Gilboa. Israel’s first King, Saul, was mortally wounded and took his own life there. In a eulogy for King Saul and his son,
Jonathon, the soon-to-be king, David, cursed the Mount Gilboa battlefield with the words, “let there be no dew or rain upon you.” In spite of the curse, JNF has caused the battlefield to sprout new greenery.

The weather today was much better than yesterday and the view Mt Gilboa was spectacular.

Enjoy the group’s pictures from their visit including the spring flowers which are just beginning to bloom.

Next post – visit to Beit She’an.

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