Galilee – Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra – by Ted and Harriet Fredman, Silver Springs, Maryland
The day started off partly sunny and cool, but our fearless leaders, Susan and Neil warned us that the weather could turn much cooler and rainy by the next two hours, and they even gave us five minutes to get warmer gear. Then, off we went! Our first stop was the reservoir at Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, located on the Lebanese border, where were met by a kibbutz member – one of the most interesting aspects of our trip is meeting the people. This man was originally from New Zealand. He first came to Israel as part of Habonim your group with people from Australia and New Zealand and it was on this trip that he met his wife who was from Melbourne. They married and had three sons in Melbourne and then made Aliya. The rest is history – as he said. The reservoir, made by JNF about 12 years ago, was dug and covered with heavy duty plastic so that the water doesn’t go back to the ground and is distributed to the fields as needed. As we passed olive and banana groves – we admired the determination and dedication of this kibbutz. They now have two reservoirs, fed by the local springs and rain, and are now able to increase their field production.
We continued our journey, under the threatening skies. Our bus arrived at cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean. As one of our leaders, Neil, completed providing some general information, many of us left the bus for the shiratim (rest rooms) below. We always make the best of a situation! We walked up the hill and took some striking pictures at the Sea below. It started to drizzle. I (Ted) went back to the bus and got an umbrella for wife Harriet and to my rain jacket. I found Harriet waiting for me to board a cable car. Once we all arrived below – we entered the grottos. There was a handrail to hold onto as the rock area was slippery from the seawater that sprays the floors and the waves crash against the rocks. There are openings in the rocks where the sea roared in so loud you couldn’t hear one speak. We made our way through path – stopping to take pictures and watch the crashing waves. After traveling through the grotto we emerged outside to find that the weather had drastically changed – it was now raining with heavy winds. Harriet and I remained fairly dry because of our umbrellas – others, without hats, looked like they had just washed their hair. Many participants were soaked and were quite happy that we returned to the hotel to so that they could change into dry clothes. Harriet and I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. We love the closeness to the raging sea and riding in the cable cars down and back. I think others, who got wet, even shared our enthusiasm – maybe some didn’t – but it was a lot of fun and breathtaking scenery! Our leaders were right – it did rain! So…in the afternoon some of us played scrabble, bridge and rummy cube! In the evening Zev Kedem, from KKL, spoke to us about settlement in the Galilee.
Another CAARI adventure!
Warm Regards,
Ted and Harriet

by Selma Colbert
I loved visiting Rosh Hanikra and the reservoir near the Lebanon border. The reservoir was man-made to catch rainwater and water from a local spring. Black plastic lines the bottom of the reservoir – specially made to prevent evaporation. The views reminded me of my summers at a lake in New Hampshire.
I have not seen the grottos since 1985 and I was thrilled to see them again. We were caught in a rainstorm but it did not spoil it for me. I had a wonderful time and happy to see such progress in Israel.

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