Friday in Jerusalem

Rosh Chodesh at Wall

Ah Friday – a day to prepare for the weekend and a CAARI day off to do our own thing. Well, this Friday was an exception. During the past week, we realized that we would be in Jerusalem for Rosh Chodesh. Several of the people were on CAARI when we had Anat Hoffman, from the group, Women of the Wall, speak to CAARI. We felt we wanted to join the women for Rosh Chodesh prayer. 16 women and 5 men decided to wake up early and depart the hotel and 6:15 to walk to the Wall for the service. Off we went, climbing hills, steps, going down valleys and up again until we came to the Western Wall. We were warmly greeted in by the “Women” and the service began. It is hard to describe the feeling – hearing all those women’s voices in unison and being at the Wall was all very moving. Of course, there were police around, but the prays continued and the dancing began. From there we started our walk back to the hotel where our morning speaker, Amotz Asa El spoke to us on Israel’s Current Situation, beginning with the impact of the Arab spring. Amotz’s incite and frankness gave us insite into the situation and was much appreciated. 

The rest of the afternoon we shopped, schmoozed, lunched, walked the city, the market, the shopping malls and rested. Tonight is Shabbat Dinner – some of us will attend services at local synagogues.

Shabbat Shalom to all,
CAARI 2012
pictures by Marcia Bercov

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