Feb 7, Sunday – Park Canada, Ayalon Institute, Speaker

Today was supposed to be a forest day where we trim trees, etc. However, due to recent rain and we are still experiencing some rain, we only toured this lovely Park.    Park Canada located near the Latrun, overlooking the Ayalon Valley, became a park after the 1967 War.

CAARI viewed the Ayalon Valley and the community of Ayalon and part of Modiin from an old Jordanian military position. We viewed a number of wild flowers in bloom : red anemones, tulips, persian and common cyclamen as well as allot of fruit trees like carobs, pomegranates, figs, dates, olive trees, etc. The park is also an archaeology site and place where Canadian Donors recognition is located.  The Canadians recognized many of the names.

After touring the springs and 0live press at Park Canada CAARI drove to Rehovot where we ate lunch at the Weizmann Institute before visiting the

Ayalon Institute clandestine bullet factory from the War of Independence.

Our featured speaker last night was Miri Eisen who gave the second part of a two part series of talks.

The Canadian American Active Retirees in Israel, CAARI, offers active seniors a unique opportunity to experience Israel. The program is designed to explore the biblical landscapes, follow the footsteps of the early pioneers, and envision the future of our Homeland. The CAARI Program includes community service, toursa speakers forum and the camaraderie of the CAARI Family. The Program is designed for to feel, touch, hear and see Israel from the mountains to the desert, from sea to sea, and from ancient to modern.

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