Feb 4 – Community Service, Neot Kedumim & speaker

Rosalie’s Report

Wednesday was another great day at school.  As we arrived at the school, the loudspeaker was playing special Tu b’Shvat songs.   After the first two periods with fourth graders, we spent the rest of our time in the kindergarten……almost too good for words…..greeted with hugs, then watched an excellent movement class with a very special teacher…and in general gained more respect for the system here, which is so free….allowing youngsters not interested in movement (only a few) to work with the aide…..and providing so much space for the students….so that when some 5th graders join the young ones for snack, another room is opened…..and lots of holiday treats and songs for Tu b’shvat.
In the afternoon, we visited Neot Kedumin, a 625 acre park devoted to trees, flowers ans shrubs mentioned in the Bible.   Our terrific guide could double as a stand-up comic….so that our tour was as entertaining as it was educational….and at the end of the tour we had a chance the use mortar and pestle to make zatar (a Mediterranean spice mixture of oregano, marjoram, mint…and perhaps something else I cannot remember)….which I add to many dishes when I cook…especially eggs.  We also made small pitas for ourselves, and they were not bad at all.

our pits dough maker- Dianne can’t believe it! 
Our evening speaker, spoke in detail, and made very understandable, the situation with natural gas, discovered by an Israeli…using his own money to drill…..who has now sold a part interest to a Texas power company…….and the complex negotiations concerning where the gas will go and the different law suits now being adjudicated regarding the different claims.  I really never knew that this was such a big problem…..but it is!!!  

Our speaker also had a fine sense of humor so again we were educated…..a bit….and entertained…..


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