Culinary Day in Galilee by Val – NYC

Today was our first full day of travel in the Galilee and it was a “treat” in many ways! Billed as a “Culinary experience” it did not disappoint.
Our first stop was to an olive producer in the Galilee.   It is in this area that the tribe of Asher (one of the 12 tribes of Israel) lived. Upon Jacob’s death he said that “Asher’s food will be rich; he will provide delicacies fit for a King”.

While many of the olive farms in the Galilee are owned by Arabs, this one is owned by Jews. Our exuberant host explained the process of making olive oil while regaling its benefits, then we got to sample both edible olive oil and oil made into lotion. Want to improve your health? Take a cup of yogurt, add a teaspoon of olive oil, a little sesame paste (rich in iron) and some honey. Did you know that olive trees can live for thousands if years but do not produce olives until they are 8 years old.

Next was an exciting visit to a goat farm!  We were greeted by dozens of baby goats “baahhhing” for milk. Our host provided baby bottles full of milk so we could feed the little ones. Several of us also discovered goats like to eat scarfs and any loose clothing that might come near. Our fearless leader Susan even got a nip on her butt! We feed the larger goats with delicious pellets. They are very gentle when eating out of our hands, and there tongues were soft and ticklish.
We got to try our hand at milking the goats. Some of the goats were more cooperative than others at having their teats pulled by inexperienced milkers.

We learned that stressed out goats produce less milk. During the bombing of the area in 2006, the herd of 400 produced only half the amount of milk than in prior years due to higher stress levels.

We finished our goat experience by watching our host make cheese, with a little help from Mark and Anice. It was absolutely delicious and of course several of us went right to the gift shop to buy some for the road.



The final stop on our culinary experience was to an ice cream shop,  where we made pink grapefruit sorbet dipped in dark chocolate. One group made the sorbet while the other made the melted chocolate. The shop is owned by an Arab and a Jew and operates in a predominately Christian town. Jews, Christians and Arabs have worked and lived in harmony in this part of the Galilee for decades. Wouldn’t it be nice if THAT made the news? 

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