Community Tree Planting – TuB’shvat

Rosalie Whitehill says – each CAARI day gets better and better.  And..what could be better than helping Israel celebrate TuB’shavt on a lovely sunny day.  Working with JNF on this holiday has been a CAARI tradition for the past few years.  Edna Feinstein, from JNF in Israel, counts on the CAARI staff to hand out the trees to and help people to the tree planting areas.  She said if it weren’t for CAARI she would have to hire more workers.  Who else could hand out over 5000 saplings to over 10,000 people?  Yes, that is how many people came to Modi’in, a rocky mountain area south of Tel Aviv, that had been selected as the area for the 2013 TuB’shavt Community Tree Planting.   Last year, this area was ravaged by fire and today it is filled with new saplings! They came in came in cars, buses, and by foot – young and old, grandparents and parents, toddlers, children of all ages from infants to teenagers and young adults!     In addition to the tree planting, CAARI met with Dror who explained the fire fighting equipment, the Mayor of Modiin, Haim Beebas, Effie Stenzler, JNF World Chairman and Avi Dickstein, Executive Director JNF in Israel. It was a great day – one of our CAARI highlights! Shabbat Shalom!

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