Community Service, trip to the Tel Aviv Safari and Yemenite Dinner – Jan. 17

The Zoological Center Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan (commonly known as the Safari Ramat Gan) is the largest collection of wildlife in human care in the Middle Eastand established in 1974. The 250-acre site consists of both a drive-through African safari area and a modern outdoor zoo. Our very knowledgeable guide,  Arad,  guided us through the park, describing the animals and personal stories about them.  Did you know that Yossi, the elephant,  is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the largest elephant in the world?  Too much good Israeli zoo cooking?!  

We also toured the  Israeli Wildlife Hospital, located at the Safari and saw the staff operating on a wounded owl that had been brought to the zoo for treatment.  
Dr. Horowitz, the veterinarian spoke to us about the condition of the owl.    Israelis  listen to Dr. Horowitz daily on radio, giving reports about the animals from the Safari. Only in Israel would you get this.  In addition, in Friday’s paper there was an article on the 29th birthday of one of the giraffes.  CAARI takes us to the most interesting places. 
By Pearl: Thursday we went to the Ramat Gan Safari where animals roam free including hippos, zebras. ostrich, and Thompson gazelles. There are 13 rhinos here the most of any zoo in the world. We saw the most magnificent Sumatran tiger and beautiful giraffes as well as the largest elephant in the world who weighs 71/2 tons. Chickens and roosters wander the grounds as well. For me, great fun. 

Dinner at the Yemenite Restaurant, Maganda! 

WARMEST regards,
CAARI 2019
Pictures  by Susan,  Pearl and Marcia

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