Community Service at Ichilov Rehab Center

‘A Personal Look’ by Anice Stark
For the past few years I have been volunteering at the Ichilov Hospital Rehab Center in Tel Aviv.   The CAARI group of volunteers arrives at the Center by taxi around 7:45 AM,

in time to set up the trays for breakfast.  The food tray  includes cereal, yogurt, olives, bread and tea or coffee.   There are 2 dining areas on the floor and several of the CAARI volunteers are at each of these areas.   After breakfast, we collect the trays and prepare for the second group to arrive.  We also do paperwork, preparing the materials for patient charts and assist the staff in other activities.  Then it is time to set up the trays for lunch!

Most of the patients have some type of physical injuries and need some kind of therapy.   They sometimes are taken to the therapy department.  We can assist by walking with them.  This year, we have a former physiotherapist who has been of great assistance to the staff.    
Many of the patients speak some English.   They always like asking what we are doing in Israel – the words ‘kola hakavod’ are always heard by us.  As we spend more time at the rehab center, more and more patients want to speak with us.
I have worked the same area all these years and always receive a lovely welcome by many of the staff, as well as two of the female doctors.   The gratitude of the staff is more than enough for me as both the welcome and goodbyes are heartfelt. 

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