CAARI Visits Hannah Senesh Muesem, February 9

 CAARI visits the “must see” sites of Israel, but also takes you to those ‘off the beaten track’, Israel’s hidden gems.  

CAARI had visited the Hannah Senesh Museum, located at Sdot Yam,  several times during the 30+ years of the program. We were always impressed with the story of this national heroine.  However, this time is was so different.

2021, marked the 100th  anniversary of the birth of Hannah Senesh, and
the newly renovated  museum was reopened.  Those of us who had been there before were so impressed with the quality of the site and the people involved.  The design and exhibits are outstanding and all beautifully displayed.

Hannah Senesh, a paratrooper and poet, was born in Hungary in 1921. At 17, she was an  enthusiastic Zionist immigrating  to the Land of Israel, before it was a State.  She  spent two years at the Hannah’s words as we walked through the museum with our guide. 

She was only 23 years old when she was captured and killed by the Nazis after being sent on a mission to help Hungarian Jews during WWII.   She had joined a group of Jewish paratroopers from the Land of Israel on a rescue mission. In her estate she had left a fascinating diary, many letters, a play and around forty poems, including : “Eli, she lo yigamer leolam” (“My God, may it never end”), “Ashrei Hagafrur” (“Blessed is the match”), “Kol kara vehalachti” (“A voice called and I went”) and more. In her memory the members of the kibbutz established the commemoration center which was named after her – the Hana Senesh House.

What’s at the site?  An audiovisual display presenting Hanna Senesh’s fascinating life story, mission and death (in six languages). In the hall there is also a modest exhibition of the photos and life story of the other six paratroopers who were killed on that mission as well as a monument brought from the Budapest cemetery.

It was an ”awesome” visit followed by a delicious dinner at the Port of Cesaerera!  Another GREAT day!  

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