CAARI Cooks With Dan Gourmet

Our second visit to Dan Gourmet Cooking School. We donned our CAARI aprons and meet our chef who explained and demonstrated what we were to do.  It all seemed overwhelming, but we did it with east!

 This  week we cooked Chinese foods including dumplings, beef and eggplant stir fry and “Chinese pickles”!  Making the dumplings were a favorite!  Not much different than making kreplach!
This week again we used the  pasta machine for making the dough.

Our chef made the sauces, and we fried the beef, eggplant and the 3 important ingredients – chopped ginger, garlic and green onions!

 After the preparation, we all enjoyed the tasty food with some wine!  A winner!

Here is one of the recipes for our friends to try!
Chinese Pickles
1.Cut up vegetables (carrot, cucumber, cabbage, fresh hot chili) to chopstick size
2.Salt vegetable for 15 minutes
3/Bring the marinade: rice vinegar and sugar to boil and pour over vegetables
4. Let sit for one hour before serving
5. for serving: remove vegetables from marinade, toss in sesame oil and garnish with roasted sesame.
6/ Keeps for a week refrigerated.

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