Atlit – Visit to Illegal Immigration Camp

Sunday was back to the schools.…..and I love it more than ever….the kids seem more excited to have us here and are all smiles and laughs and I know what a good time I am having, so I think they must be happy, too!
After lunch, we went to Atlit, , the English detention center where so many Jews were held when they tried to get here illegally under the British rule (when Israel, succombing to Arab pressure was making it almost impossible for Jewish people to get here).  They have done a great job in this museum in the past 5 years…..I had not been here for at least 20 years. They now have a boat, about the size of many that were transporting illegal immigrants with a video presentation about the hardships of the trip….shown in several different places, and looking out the portholes made you feel as if you were at sea… one look was all I took, and then I felt as if the boat were rocking.  Of course, before the boat, we saw the quansut hut type dormitories in which the detainees lived…..many of them coming there after the war was over in 1945…….not until Israel was a state were all of the people there given their freedom……..just another awesome experience for us lucky folks on this CAARI trip.
Rosalie Whitehill. 

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