Arava R&D Center Visit

On Way to Dead Sea – Visit to JNF’s R&D Center by CAARI

We left Eilat under warm and sunny skies – hoping for the same at the Dead Sea. We hear that the weather is changing – we can’t be too greedy – the country needs rain very badly. So…a few rain drops won’t dampen our spirits!
As they say – on the way – we made a stop at one of JNF’s leading Research & Development Centers at Hatzeva – located in the Arava. This Center is known for its research on desert agriculture – performs experiments on soil, water and climate conditions for crops grown in hot houses in the middle of the desert. Farmers apply these techniques to their own crops to increase yield, improve quality and shelf life for fruits, vegetables, and flowers mainly for the export -market. Osi, the R&D staff person, treated us to some freshly picked cherry tomatoes and peppers for us to taste – ummmmm good! You don’t even need salt on the tomotoes. “What a treat to eat freshly grown yellow and red peppers.” said Marcia Bercov from Canada. Following the lecture on what is done in the Center we visited the hot houses.
Back on the road following lunch at the famous Aroma Cafe. Next stop – the Dead Sea. Neil says we will look at least 10 years younger after our Dead Sea experience! Do you think???
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